To optimise the performance of teams. Accelerator of strategic decisions


Based on our understanding of the company’s strategic approach, we implement various specific methodologies focused on the IMD.

Denison Organizational Culture Survey: DOCS

Methodology for measuring and evaluating corporate culture through a survey.

  • Provides a map of the situation of the corporate culture in an organization.
  • It is a tool used by companies around the world in situations of change, whether strategic, mergers or acquisitions, strategic refocusing, etc.

The First 90 Days

Adaptation of leaders and executives to new projects and functions.

  • Offers proven strategies for overcoming the challenges of transitions at all career stages.
  • Methodology created by Professor Michael Watkins.

Changing Employee Behaviour: MAPS

Model to help managers promote employee behavior change.

  • MAPS: Motivation, Ability, Psychogical capital, Supporting Environment.
  • Explore success factors for people change through understanding employee motivation.
  • Methodology created by professors Nik Kinley and Shlomo Ben Hur.

IMD Business School

IMD is one of the world's leading business schools, an expert in developing leaders, transforming organizations, and creating positive short- and long-term impact.

  • As an exclusive Partner of the IMD Business School in the Iberian Peninsula, we offer access to resources for business development in areas of executive training or specialized advice from IMD professors.

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